Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WovenTogether at the Baby Animal Fair

The first WovenTogether community event took place at the Baby Animal Fair 2013 in Buffalo Minnesota on Sunday April 21st from 12 - 4pm. Over 3000 people attended the event, and 200 or so took the time to participate in the first interactive weaving and spinning activity. With so many participants, we created not one, but three wall hangings!
Our spinners were Dennis Matter, Maryann Olme, and Nancy Walker.
Our weavers were Naomi Binsfeld and Sally Stinson.
Our tag and wool team was Naomi Binsfeld and Connie Krause.
Many thanks to Verilette Bell, Debbie Burdette, and Dave Binsfeld, for their support with setup, supplies and transportation.

A big thanks to all who participated in WovenTogether. I will post dates and locations for the upcoming exhibits. Check back for updates. Photos to come soon...

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